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4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog

In today’s globally connected economy, a digital presence is everything. Unfortunately, in the quest to command online attention from the consuming masses, many business owners overlook the promotional power of hosting a blog. Are you one of them? Stop missing out the multitude of benefits that consistent, original, high-quality blog content offers small business owners (including your competition). Tap into the power of the blog to:

Tell Your Story

Your blog empowers you to shape and share your story the way you want. You have complete control of how the details about your business are organized and presented to your reading public. Additionally, writing online articles allows you to develop a brand voice and connect with your readers in a more personal way as you highlight relevant industry trends and ideas. Bonus: As you create your schedule of topics and begin your research, you may even learn something new about your field.


Blogging isn’t just online content…it’s a potent form of social media marketing (really). Every post is on par with having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile or online resume; it can serve as a direct example of your work ethic and talent for creating quality content. Compelling copy will challenge your readers and may encourage them to reach out with questions about your opinion or business itself. You can even promote discounts and specials to your audience. In short, don’t be surprised if your audience converts from online surfers into clients, colleagues, or future business partners

Generate Revenue

There are countless ways to monetize your blog and generate passive income. Also, depending on your company’s targeted demographic, you may have readers who’d like to advertise on your blog. Affiliate marketing is an excellent example of this. Marketing other businesses’ products can allow you to gain a commission and extra income. The more traffic and downloads the content receives, the more commission you can make. It’s that simple.

Establish Expertise And Credibility

Most importantly, posting online content provides an ideal forum to build your industry credibility and establish your firm as an infield thought leader. Capitalize on this opportunity by creating informative, exciting, and inspiring content to captivate your audience and keep them coming back to hear (or, in this case, read) what you have to say.

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