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4 Simple Ways to Drive Organic Site Traffic

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “organic traffic.” It’s a fancy way of saying you’re not paying for the online visitors finding their way to your website. Make no mistake; Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is certainly a powerful resource. However, it’s more of a short-term strategy for a quick traffic burst and may not lead to sustainable long-term growth, making organic solutions a must.

Key Components To An Organic Traffic Strategy

Building organic traffic to your website may seem complicated at first, but with a little diligence, planning, and consistency you will start to see results. Here are four simple ways you can drive more organic site traffic, starting today.

Create Stellar Content

Your website design matters, but your site content is what truly sells your business to visitors. Spending hundreds (or even thousands) on a dazzling website design then outsourcing your copy to the cheapest freelance writer you can find compromises the integrity of your site and your brand. Quality, captivating content will attract readers, keep visitors, and engage your targeted market, all of which increases your opportunity for a sales conversion. Bonus Tip: quality content is also going to impress the ever-changing search engine algorithms (as well as encourage link-backs to your site from others), resulting in higher ranks.

Leverage Meta Tags

Yes, there are some who claim meta is outdated. While their effect on search engine ranking may be limited from what it once was, meta tags, especially the description and title can make a significant impact on your site. A simple Google search can help you successfully beef up your meta descriptions and titles, allowing the online surfing masses to see what you offer and continue clicking over to your website.

Consider Your URL

The URL is the website address for each page on your site. For example, you might see a blog post labeled, mymarketingfirm(dot)com/blog/16563ghd6767, which offers very little search engine value (or tell your reader what its about). Search engines scan URLs, serving as a powerful resource to help drive traffic and boost rankings. Don’t squander this SEO opportunity – be sure your URLs are using effective words, like

Build Relationships

Do more than passively monitor analytics; take the time to proactively connect with other bloggers, businesses, and brands (not your competitors) and build relationships with them. As you comment on posts, respond to their comments on your social media pages, and consistently engage with them, you’ll encourage them to link to your copy and drive others back to your pages.

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