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6 Tips To Improve Your Site’s User Experience

Establishing a digital presence is a must for business owners in virtually every industry. But, merely launching a new website that gets noticed by the search engines is not enough. To effectively command reader attention and catapult your service set ahead of the competition, you must also deliver a superior User Experience (UX). A lackluster UX can quickly diminish your brand image and drive readers elsewhere. However, an exceptional user experience can prove the very heartbeat of your website, captivating, compelling, and converting initial prospects into loyal customers.

Ready to up your UX game with long-lasting impact? Here are a few proven tips to ensure your new site design focuses on giving browsers the best digital experience possible.

Go Mobile

Recent reports indicate that 60% of all online searches are performed on a mobile device. With more than half of all users browsing on the go, a mobile website experience is a must for any business. Work with your professional web design team to ensure your site delivers a responsive and intuitive engagement to users, wherever they may roam.

Optimize Page Loading

Your brand only has approximately 50 milliseconds (aka as 0.005 seconds) to make a great first impression on site visitors. Don’t squander your fleeting opportunity by frustrating users with sluggish online page loading. Your final site should keep up with visitor expectations to ensure you keep guests clicking instead of moving on to the competition.

Leverage The Power Of The Bulleted List

Fast-loading pages aren’t the only way to capture the roaming eye of your audience. Your content should also garner attention. Use bullets to instantly and effectively deliver your most relevant information in a concise, easy-to-absorb format. Remember, concision does not mean boring. Get creative with your bullets, using images and descriptive content as needed to drive home your most relevant selling points (and increase your chance of conversions).

Images Matter

Poor quality images and graphics instantly shine a negative light on your brand. Always use visually compelling, high-resolution pictures that are relevant to your business to keep readers tuned-in.

Videos Matter Too

Speaking of graphics, you may also want to consider including videos as part of your UX interface. Videos provide an excellent way to promote your brand by simultaneously leveraging the digital power of both content and images in a single stream.

Site Security

Providing a secure site forum plays a vital role in building trust with your online consumers. Take the steps needed to ensure your customers’ information is protected at all times. Robust website security not only drives overall UX, but it also offers ultimate purchasing peace of mind.

How do you ensure your users leave your site informed and happy? Share your tips and experiences with us in the comment section below.

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