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4 Simple Ways to Drive Organic Site Traffic

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “organic traffic.” It’s a fancy way of saying you’re not paying for the online visitors finding their way to your website. Make no mistake; Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is certainly a powerful resource. However, it’s more of a short-term strategy for a quick traffic burst and may…

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Web Design: 7 Tips to Launch a Site That Does Its Job

The Internet grants every brand an opportunity to connect with the consumer masses instantly, making it a powerful weapon in any marketing arsenal. However, recent statistics revealed that, as of August 2017, there were over 1.24 billion websites in the world. 1.24 billion. With so many competing resources and websites, getting the online attention you…

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4 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media marketing is no longer a periphery marketing option for most brands; entrepreneurs in every industry use this digital resource to effectively grow their business. Why? Because social media marketing instantly heightens brand awareness, increases follower engagement, and levels the playing field between any business and the biggest industry giants. Still not convinced your…

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Picking Your Domain Name? 7 Tips to Choose Wisely

Your domain name plays a vital role in building your brand’s online identity. Many companies opt to use their company name as their domain name, but this isn’t necessary and actually may not be the best choice. Go into the process knowing how to pick a winner – use these tips to help you choose the…

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How to Improve Customer Loyalty

You’ve likely heard the adage that keeping existing customers is much more affordable than going out and getting new ones. What you might not realize is customer retention also boosts profits. Retaining five percent more customers can lead to a profit increase of over 25 percent. Unfortunately, though, customer retention is not an easy task.…

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Tips for Writing Facebook Ads

On the surface, it seems like writing Facebook ads should be a breeze. After all, ads only consist of a couple of lines of text. How hard could that possibly be? In reality, the shorter the content is, the harder it is to make an impactful statement while conveying what you intend to convey. Writing…

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