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Content Marketing: How To Connect With (And Convert) Your Audience

Is your current content marketing strategy producing lackluster results? When effectively wielded, the power of your digital copy can (and should) connect with, compel, and ultimately convert readers into loyal customers of your brand. If your existing digital campaign isn’t quite hitting the mark, it may be time to reevaluate your approach.

Here are six ways to breathe new life into your content marketing solutions:


When it comes to content marketing, less is usually more. Online readers have a notoriously short attention span, making it vital to deliver articles, posts, and blogs that get to the point as quickly as possible. Work through some of your messaging to abbreviate as needed and better command reader attention from the get-go.

Get Personal

The best way to connect with your readers is to make them feel like you are writing specifically to them on a personal level. Get to know your target audience – likes, dislikes, specific pain points, and what compels them to act. Use your knowledge of your consumer demographic to develop content that adds value to every online experience they have with your brand as well as resonates with them for long-lasting impact. 

Diversify Your Portfolio

Sometimes brands get in a “content rut” where they only post to one or two channels. If this is your current approach, it’s time to diversify your post portfolio. Use blogs, articles, press releases, your business website, and various social media forums for a cohesive content solution that optimizes overall results.

Create An Expiration Date

Setting deadlines on offers, discounts, and promotions is a great way to motivate readers to respond to your online materials. Use language that clearly outlines the deal and the deadline to ensure your viewers don’t miss out on your limited-time offers and opportunities.

Skip The Clichés (And Tired Sales Pitches)

Effective content can distinguish your brand from the competition; don’t squander this invaluable opportunity by using the same common phrases and clichés that everyone else is using to pitch products. Skip the pitch entirely and opt instead to share an offer with your followers they can’t help but say yes to.

Revitalize Your Call To Action (CTA)

Your CTA is a chance to compel your readers to keep clicking and moving through the sales cycle to the ultimate goal: a transaction. Don’t rely on vague requests like “click here” or “call now.” Instead, get creative and be specific with your call to action to ensure you’re piquing reader interest and simultaneously building brand recognition.

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