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Digital Marketing in 2018: How the Market Will Change for the New Year

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. New trends emerge each year, and 2018 is expected to have the most exciting trends yet. New technologies are on the rise, and these advancements mean digital marketing has a new face for the new year. Check out what marketing experts expect regarding trends in 2018.

Social Media Meets Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go was a huge hit in 2016 and 2017, and it illustrates the power of augmented reality. Some insiders expect social media sites to offer augmented reality options for marketers in the new year. This technology would allow customers to interact with brands in specific locations. This could change the way marketers think of engagement. It could make the entire process a lot more fun for both brands and customers.

Influencer Marketing Takes a Dive

Influencer marketing has been all the rage for the last several years, but expect it to slow down. High-cost influencers certainly spread awareness, but they aren’t driving sales as expected. Expect marketers to focus on influencers who have proven track records. These people are few and far between, so influencer marketing as you know it will likely go away for good. That’s actually good news for most companies and marketers. It’s expensive, so most companies and marketers will be happy to see it replaced with other options.

Live Video Gets a Professionals Makeover

Eighty percent of internet users would rather watch a brand’s live video than read a blog post. Live video is very powerful in its current form, but expect a makeover in 2018. Expect brands to go professional with their live videos in the near future. Instead of using cell phones, they’ll likely use professional equipment to create more appealing live videos.

Marketers Get More Personal

Remember when you could send an impersonal email blast and get results? That was quite some time ago. Now, personalization is the key to reaching your demographic. That goes far beyond email. Expect personalization to make it into all aspect of digital marketing, from landing pages to complete websites. The best marketers will personalize every touchpoint of the customer journey. That will increase ROI.

Native Advertising Finally Explodes

Marketers have expected native advertising to blow up for several years now, and while big brands have made use of it, smaller companies haven’t really touched it. Expect that to change in 2018. Small companies will realize native advertising allows them to reach customers on an entirely new level. It also allows companies to go viral, which is something small brands cannot ignore. Going viral is a quick way to increase your sales and become a force in the market.

It’s going to be an interesting year for digital marketers and brands. The new year holds a lot of promise. New technologies and strategies will make it easier to reach potential customers and form bonds with them. Then, it will be up to brands to close the deal and improve their ROI.

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