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How to Create Video Content That Converts

Businesses publish an average of 18 videos a month. That gives them 18 times each month to push people through the purchase funnel. Unfortunately, though, most business owners and marketers are clueless when it comes to creating videos that covert. Follow some tips to boost conversions so you can begin to enjoy all the benefits of video marketing.

Insert the Lead Capture Form Early

You can’t expect people to watch your videos all the way through. Most videos have a drop-off rate of 63 percent, meaning only 37 percent of viewers make it to the end. Put your lead capture form or call to action near the beginning of the video. Add it to the end of the video, as well. This will allow you to capture people who leave early, as well as those who stay until the end.

Keep It Short

You’re creating a video for a business, not a Hollywood blockbuster. Keep it short, or your engagement rates will drop off dramatically. Videos that are less than 90 seconds have retention rates of 53 percent, on average. Compare that to 10 percent for videos over a half-hour and it’s easy to see what happens if you get long winded. People start dropping off, and you can’t convey your message properly. Every time someone leaves, it’s a missed opportunity, so shorten up your message to reach more people.

Add Value

You shouldn’t be the only one who gets value from your videos. The highest converting videos offer some type of value to viewers. You can go the obvious route by offering a free trial or a coupon code. You don’t have to offer value that can be quantified, though. For example, simply telling a great story or helping people solve a problem is another way to offer value. Write your script out and look at it. Ask yourself if it adds a clear value. If it doesn’t, go back to the drawing board.

Show Some Personality

Brands and marketers can be stiff at times. That might be OK when talking to investors, but you want to create videos that convert. That means you have to show some personality to viewers. If you’re not very charismatic, put someone else in front of the camera. You want to connect with audiences in a personable way, so you’ll need a heavy dose of personality to make this happen. That means you need to be honest about your strengths when deciding if you should be in front of the camera.

Dollar Shave Club does this better than any other brand out there. It creates funny, personable videos that people love. In fact, the videos have been known to go viral.

Get Started with Your Videos

Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to take action. Start creating and posting videos online, and use various techniques to market those videos. It won’t be long before your conversion rates start ticking up.

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