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Social Media Management

It is incredibly important to keep your customers interested in your products and services. Keeping your customers up to date with new information (regarding your company or ancillary posts that are related to your industry) constantly reminds them of your brand. Posting across numerous social platforms also allows for a larger audience to see those posts. Consistently creating new content for your customers to view will keep their interest focused on your products and services, ultimately driving higher leads and more sales for your business. We fully customize our clients’ social media campaigns to align with their goals.

Social Media Advertising

It is great to consistently create fresh content. However, it is even more important to create outstanding ads that you put directly in front of your customers. Almost every one of your customers use Facebook and Instagram. We know how to utilize the Facebook and Instagram social media platforms to directly target your new customers. Not only will this drive traffic to your website for sales, but it will overall strengthen your brand to become a prominent business in your industry. Our advertising specialists are dedicated to get the lowest cost per click, lowest cost per like, lowest cost per follow for every client.

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MMF - Logo Dev

Logo Development

Your logo is the first branding statement that your customers see. It needs to represent who you are and what your business offers. We help you figure out the statement you want to make by carefully choosing colors, font styles, lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, and more.

Website Design and Development

Your website is crucial to your customer experience. It needs to be easy to navigate with the ability to funnel your customer to the place you want them to ultimately be (perhaps a purchase page). We help you design and develop an efficient website that will keep your customers happy.

MMF - Web Dev

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) completely rounds out your website and gives it a higher appearance on search engines. The main course of action is to have high quality and relevant material on your website, in addition to driving traffic to your website through our social management services. Your SEO and search engine rankings will rise over time if you consistently follow this process.

Additional Services

  • We develop e-mail campaigns which allows your business to automatically send timed e-mails to customers that opt-in to your e-mail list.
  • We write blogs for your business to keep your customers up-to-date on current topics. 
  • We create physical marketing materials for you including business cards, brochures, swag, and more!
MMF - Additional Services


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