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The YouTube Advantage: What To Share To Promote Your Business

YouTube delivers new opportunities for business owners to create strategic visual content that connects with and compels their audience. Recent reports reveal that YouTube is one of the most popular social media channels for over 60% of businesses. Additionally, the same report notes that video content outperforms other social media images, promotions, and posts, making YouTube a must-have in virtually any digital marketing mix.

YouTube: Focus On Posts That Gain Online Traction

Ready to make your big YouTube debut, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are six video options to consider that will resonate with your targeted audience and deliver focused visual content that optimizes overall return on investment.

Business Intro

If you’re just launching your page, you may want to post a business intro where you give a brief company overview that introduces you and your business to viewers. Be sure to let your audience know what type of content they can expect from your page to keep them coming back.

Product Demos

YouTube offers an ideal forum to show your products in action. Create a simple demonstration that exhibits common uses of your merchandise as well as highlights some of its many distinguishing features and benefits. Bonus Tip: Speaking of products, YouTube is also a great place to announce product launches.


Looking to establish yourself as an industry expert? Offer tutorials where you share useful insights and show viewers how to do something that will make their lives easier and better.

Presentations And Speeches

If you’re presenting or speaking at an upcoming event, record and share it with your followers. Letting your audience see you in action is a great way to help them connect with your brand.

Client Reviews

Do you have satisfied clients willing to sing your praises to the digital masses? Record an interview with them where they can share with others what to expect when doing business with your brand.

A Day In The Life

YouTube viewers love taking a peek behind the scenes of the brands they follow. Record short clips that showcase the office, your staff, and any fun things about your internal culture that will resonate with your audience.

No matter what you decide to share, use the first few seconds of your video to command attention. Include a “hook” of your most compelling information to keep viewers watching. Keep it concise; tell your story as expediently as possible without diluting the message. Finally, don’t forget to include a specific call to action (CTA) letting viewers know exactly what to do after they’ve watched your video.

Do you use YouTube in your digital marketing mix? Tell us how you’ve leveraged the power of video content to catapult your business ahead of the masses!

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