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Three Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

Believe it or not, your email list is still one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. Even in the midst of what sometimes feels like utter SEO and social media marketing saturation, email still matters. Consistently expanding your digital contact list can help you connect with and engage your online audience regularly, making an email list an invaluable tool in virtually any marketing mix.

Growing Your Email List: Where To Start

Unfortunately, knowing the benefits a mailing list offers is one thing; successfully building that list is often another thing entirely. Many entrepreneurs wrestle with the question, “how can I even get people to sign up?” when developing their online network. Don’t be one of them; follow three simple tips to gain momentum with your emailing campaigns.

Make It Easy

Far too many entrepreneurs, consumed with amassing likes and followers, put their social media icons on the front page of their website – but embed their email signup sheet somewhere else on their site. Remember, Facebook and Twitter feeds are technically not your property; they can be taken away at any time, leaving you with little to show for it. However, the email addresses you collect are yours. Place your sign up sheet on your home page to make it easy to find. Also, make the signup process as straightforward as possible by keeping the required fields to a minimum.

Offer Something Your Audience Values

As a business owner, you are an industry expert in current market trends and consumer demands. Use your superior field insight to your advantage. Create giveaways (coupons, discounts, eBooks, etc.) that will resonate with your targeted audience and offer them free of charge…to anyone willing to leave their email address in exchange for it.

Keep The New, Compelling Content Coming

Are you guilty of leaving stagnant, outdated content on your website and social media pages? It happens. The bad news? No one wants to read copy that’s the equivalent of old and rotting produce. People want sites that are updated, with quality blog posts and newsletters that are informative, compelling, and inspirational. Fortunately, the good news is it’s never too late to apply a fresh approach to your current content strategy. When visitors see your site updated regularly, notice an offer worth getting, and begin to view you as a subject matter authority on relevant topics, they’ll be much more inclined to sign up for your email list.

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